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A third-party product for Dynamics GP that allows a user to configure journal entry import templates that match the different corresponding file formats. A user can then simply copy and paste the file contents into the GJ Import window, validate the data, and import the data when ready to create a general journal entry.

Telmar Template Import

A software developer’s kit that allows an administrator to create import templates and make them available to users from within Dynamics GP. Import templates can utilize a delimited file, pasted data from an open file, or a SQL query as a data source. This product can be used to maintain almost any type of data in Dynamics GP and is highly customizable. Existing deployments have been used to create GL accounts, journal entries, SOP documents, cash receipts, and payables transactions.

Telmar Allocation Tool

A tool that automatically generates allocation journal entries based on a number of factors including the account used, the series it came from, the originating master ID, and the balance in a correlating unit account.